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snappy workout update

WOW it’s been a while! Let’s see what I can remember about this last week of workouts!

Monday: arm and leg weights, and some cardio that I can’t remember…

Tuesday: Impromptu rest day (fell asleep all afternoon…OOPS!!)

Wednesday: 20min stationary bike, 1mi treadmill run, 5min ARC Trainer, some arm weights in between. Feeling sporadic…

Thursday: 20 minute run, 15 min elliptical, weights

Friday: 35min elliptical and core strength

Saturday: Rest Day! Me and Paul went to Wisconsin Dells for the night! It felt great to get out of Milwaukee for a bit!

Sunday: Rest Day #2 of vacation. (unless I count the 2+ hours of canoeing we did…I was reallllly glad I’ve been doing so much arm strength training during this)

Monday: Went to work in the morning just to realize that we were CLOSED for Memorial Day! No one tells me anything! I was annoyed that I didn’t know but also psyched for another day off! Went straight to the gym for about 20min free weights and 5min on the elliptical til I decided I wanted to run outside! BAD IDEA. 5mi run 2mi walk in 90 degree heat with minimal water left me feeling way sick for pretty much the rest of the day. Nauseous, lightheaded, no appetite, shaky, dehydrated. I didn’t plan that out very well…



Concede to my feed!

I have decided to give up trying to track what I eat…It’s impossible…I eat all day long… HAH but in all seriousness, I am such a grazer that I have literally found this “meal tracking” to be an impossible task. And, quite honestly, I don’t have a concrete reason for wanting to do it anyway. I’m not trying to lose weight (well, I could stand to lose a few) or change my eating habits so I’ve decided to drop the issue altogether. I eat fairly healthy in my own mind, meaning that I have energy and no health issues to speak of. And if I do have an “off day” featuring too many cookies (but cmon…can you ever have too many), I don’t want to have it gnawing at me as some sort of food-failure. I’ll never deprive myself of food that I love, that is a sad and cranky road to go down…so no mas food-loggies! good riddance. bring on the undocumented snacks…

I will, however, continue to document my workouts, as this has proved to be a beneficial and motivating process for moi!


Wednesday: 10min ARC Trainer and about 40min full body strength training. My arms be gettin’ BUFF. I mean toned…girls get toned…right?

Thursday: 35min elliptical. it’d been a while since I did a good, sweaty elliptical workout, this felt good. Strength strength strength training! Much rowing!

Friday: Hangover induced rest day. Also picked up a work shift. no time! no time!

Saturday: 4mi run in the AM. tried to beat the heat but it got up into the 80’s while I was runnin. Whew! This run was TOUGH. I felt reaaaally short of breath (most likely due to those few drags of Carly’s cigarette I had at the bar on Thursday…oops) but this run felt great anyway.

Sunday: 15min ARC Trainer. and a strength routine that I can actually remember!

  • 4×15 incline dumbbell bench press #15 ea
  • 4×10 hammer curls #12 ea
  • 4×10 upright rows #12 ea
  • 4×10 overhead tricep extensions #12 ea
  • 4×20 shoulder raises #15 ea
  • 3×15 rowing machine (don’t know weight)
  • 3×15 tricep dip machine (don’t know weight)
  • 3×15 leg press (don’t know weight)

This is a typical strength workout for me. A mix of free weights and machines.

Maybe I get in a good ol zen run tonight after work. Maybe just a cocktail…

A nice, boring food and workout log post!

Alright lets get through this.

Monday‘s workout: 30min ARC trainer split in two segments with strength training in between
Tuesday: 3.2 mi treadmill run, followed by some serious strength training followed by 10min on the ARC trainer. 

Holy man am I sore ALL OVER today. I can’t pinpoint what I did differently that revved up these different muscle groups but I am sore in places I didn’t even know I had muscle. That’s a good thing right? I attribute it to the fact that whenever the gym is busy and I want to strength train, I grab whatever machine/free weights/open area I can find and improvise. I find this to be the best way to go about it in leu of whining that I can’t do my planned workout. 

I have to admit that I’m not loving cardio workouts so much at the moment. I switched from the elliptical to the ARC trainer because I feel like I can get in a good cardio workout in less time on the ARC. I get my heart rate up FAST and then push it HARD for as long as I can – between 10 and 20min increments. I just can’t motivate myself to spend 30, 40, 50 minutes on a cardio machine anymore. Which is fine with me. Maybe I’ll start doing some circuit routines for cardio and strength all in one! I shall get creative…

Hmm about my eats this week…

Monday I ate like a bird so I got a lil crazy yesterday.

  • Breakfast was everything but the kitchen sink including a muffin, a panini pressed quesadilla with pear, banana, carob chips, raisins, and sunflower seed butter, and some ginger chews and other randoms.
  • Lunch was a speed eating contest before work consisting of about 1,000 popcorners chips (too addicting meaning I’ll never buy them again), and an entire Armenian falafel platter from a new restaurant by the gym. Complete with hummus, pita, rice, and pickled cabbage. I almost fell asleep at work due to food coma status.
  • Although I never thought I’d be hungy again, I managed an apple, a small salad, a tofurky and guac sandwich, more popcorners, and 2 post-work cervezas throughout the night. WOW…I blame the workout. No matter how long I run for, I am always insatiably hungry for the rest of the day afterward.

So far today I’ve managed to shovel in another lovely schmorgasboard of food…never ends with me…

  • Breakfast- 1/3 of a potato made into some yummy hashbrowns with grilled onions, kale, and cabbage. Some grapes. A piece of toast with half earth balance, half sunflower seed butter. Some more spoonfuls of sunflower seed butter with carob chips, banana chips, and raisins. Seriously…my breakfast-time turns into FEAST time every day.
  • Lunch: 20 oz coffee (I didn’t sleep well last night ,Ok?!!) Kale salad with onion and tomato, fruit salad, 2 homemade protein squares
  • Snacks: Oops…2 single serving bags of oyster crackers and a bag of Jays original at work. I’ve been really good at not eating this crap…I don’t know what did me in today!

I do feel mega fueled for a post-work gym workout so all this snackin’ will not be for naught!

Vegan eatin’ and some good runs!

Tom Barrett for Governor! Recall election madness is underway in Wisconsin! We’ll see how this re-match turns out! Although Barrett may not be everyone’s first choice, electing him to office is still a GIANT step in the right direction for workers, women, and all Wisconsinites who value their rights and freedoms and condemn corruption and greed in government.

Well…let’s have a little update on my goals from my last post shall we?

…not perfect…

..but discouraged I am not!!

Obviously I have not been very good at posting more often with food and workout specs but this is a work in progress. After finishing up moving this past weekend I FINALLY have my desk back which makes blogging (and all things) easier. So that will be uber-helpful. It was just a busy week/weekend with voting, working, moving, and ma’s day and I have no further excuses. Again…I will improve!

Vegan attempt? This one is going beautifully. I don’t even crave anything non-vegan anymore so this is basically a freebie. Not to mention that my man-friend has been vegan for over a year now so we have no temptations in the house in the form of non vegan food. Even my parents are being super supportive! Yesterday for Mother’s Day Cookout, they made me a special grilled potato packet with oil instead of butter and we had AMAZING veggie shish kabobs (in addition to their lamb and steak). It was great!

Caffeine cutback? Not doing too well here…I did go 2 or 3 days sans-coffee last week but i can definitely do better. Will Power Will Power Will Power! I know that if I want to skip the caffeine, my energy has got to come from the food I eat and the rest I give my body. As long as a keep focussing on eating whole, non-processed foods and letting myself get enough sleep, I’ll be in the clear!


Tuesday: 5mi run outside. 9:59 avg pace. I pushed it so hard at the end to get that sub-10min average! I’m no speed demon but this felt GREAT. The weather was perfect, not too many people on the trail, and although this run was in no way easy, I was proud to get it done.

Wednesday: I was so tired but I dragged my butt to the gym for 25min on the elliptical and 15-20 min arm strength before work. I felt like I was sleepwalking through this workout! Later in the day I was glad I did it but in retrospect I probably could have used the sleep more than a sweat-sesh…oh well! No harm done!

Thursday: 4mi on the treadmill. I almost stopped at 3 but I felt on fire and made it to 4! 15min arm and core strength afterward.

Friday: 35min on the ARC trainer. I rarely do this machine but DAMN it works me so much harder than the elliptical so I can stay on for less time and still work up a crazy sweat. Great for my fleeting attention span. 20ish minutes of some good arm strength training as well.

Sat and Sun: Rest days due to moving (which is a workout in itself! My furniture is HEAVY) and a Mother’s Day trip to my parent’s house.

Til next time, enjoy the sunshine!

United Wisconsin

STILL cloudyrainywindy up in this city! I swear the weather was nicer in NOVEMBER than it is now in MAY. tsk…

One week until the recall primaries here in Wisconsin. It’s time to take back our state and restore the worker’s rights that helped industry in this state flourish. This attack on workers has been going on for a year now and I sincerely believe that Wisconsinites are FED UP enough to get out and vote to remove Scott Walker from office. Let’s do this!!

United Wisconsin

On to my workouts!!

Wednesday: 3mi treadmill run! I did it! I got back on the treadmill and it actually felt awesome! AND I was truckin along much faster than I usually do on a treadmill which was great. My body was just happy to be running I think. Followed this with 20 minutes of arm strength with Sara. We went to the gym in the morning and man did I feel great all day at work after that 🙂

Thursday: 35 – 40min on the elliptical, I can’t really remember this workout. Hmm I know I did arm strength afterward as well. I’ve been upping the resistance on the elliptical and going slower to use my leg muscles more without irritating my hips too much.

Friday: Rest day due to me picking up a shift at work

Saturday: 3mi treadmill run again, I just had so much fun on my last one that I had to do it again! 20-30min arm strength. Really diggin arm strength workouts lately as well. I love feeling STRONGGG

Sunday: Rest

Monday: 35min elliptical this morning before work. I was hoping for a longer workout but slept too late so I had to rush.

Now for a few new goals of mine…

1) Keep better track of what I eat. I have been pretty lazy with this lately and it’s something I really wanted to start doing. I will improve!

2) Keeping better track of my individual workouts. Instead of trying to remember a whole week of workouts in an overview type fashion, I’d like to update my blog more often with daily workouts. This way I can remember more acurately what my strength routines were, what time of day I worked out, how I felt before and after, how I fueled up, etc. I think this will help me find out what works best for me and I can better track progress.

3) ALL VEGAN MAY. And hopefully forever! I’m making the jump. I’ve been so close for so long that it’s high time I go completely vegan. The only things holding me back were things like snacking on cookies at work out of convenience or indulging in things like birthday cake. I attribute all my non-vegan eats to laziness or temptation and I think I’m ready to jump those hurdles!

4) Cut back on the caffeine…again…I gave up coffee and all caffeine for almost 6 months a while back and I’m sad to say I’ve been back on the wagon for a few months now. I drink at least 2 – 5 cups of coffee a day again. Too much. WAYYY too much. Time to make a conscious effort to limit my intake.

Thats all for today! Keep it real!

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rain rain go AWAY…so I can RUN

Hola! Time for some recappin’!

Wednesday: 45min elliptical

Thursday:  I can’t remember my gym workout for this day. hmm I know it was another 30 – 45min elliptical day plus some strength…

Friday: 20min youtube yoga video. 7mi run/walk. Heavy on the walking…I was feeling pretty blech and ate too much food pre-run so I kept getting stomach cramps. An hour and 20min total

Saturday: 40-ish? min elliptical, can’t remember exactly. Was planning on some strength training but me and Paul were planning on going out to dinner and if I stayed at the gym any longer it would have been like a 9:30 dinner. Too late for these starvin marvins!

Sunday: Resy Resty! Sunday is my “Monday” back to work day so I rarely feel like workin out…

Monday: 35min elliptical 25min arm strength with some intermittent core and leg machines

Today/Tuesday: Impromptu rest day…I woke up feeling energized but throughout the morning I just got T-I-R-E-D and ended up napping before work :/

So obviously my workouts have become prettttty repetitive…I keep doing the same hill interval program on the elliptical at the same level. I try to vary my strength training but I haven’t even been sore at all which makes me think I should switch up my upper body strength routines more. I also REALLY need to start doing core workouts again. I used to do the Turbofire core video almost every day because it was such a good at-home core routine. I must I must I must…

I also want to run more but it has been so cloudy/rainy/windy/cold for like a week now which A) depletes my energy like no other and B) makes it miserable to run outside. I am in a phase where I just cannot bring myself to run on a treadmill so running has been on the backburner. No help that it is supposed to rain ALL weekend too. Ugh.

I wonder if anyone else goes through the same running “phases” like I do. I will be loving treadmill running for a few months and then all of a sudden I literally can’t stand it. Then I’ll switch to indoor track running and I’ll love it for a few months til I hate it. Then street running. Then trail running. It’s weird but I guess doing anything for too long will get boring and un-motivating. 

I have been walking a lot lately though. Especially to and from the gym which is ~4mi each way. So that’s been a great addition to daily workouts! Except that it means I have about an hour after my workouts while I walk to think about what I want to eat. By the time I get home I literally stampede the kitchen and attack anything and everything edible…

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