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Rest and Reflect


Tuesday and Wednesday turned out to be some lovely rest days for me! Unplanned but no worries! I got a lot done on Tuesday by way of cleaning my house and running errands and playing with my cats between working a shift at my sister’s restaurant and working my regular job. Wednesday I just wasn’t feelin it. You know that feeling…trying to muster up any kind of motivation to work out and you just can’t find it. I chugged a redbull, looked up YouTube fitness videos, etc, but I was just cranky and tired from my first long day back at work and ended up going out to dinner with the manfriend instead of hittin the gym. Whatevs…I’ve learned not to force myself to work out when I don’t want to. I want to enjoy exercise; it’s not a chore, and if my body tells me to take it easy, I damn sure will!

DEFINITELY made up for it today, though!

5mi run in the AM. Fueled by oat bran and homemade morning glory muffin (vegan of course)! 9:57 avg pace – good for my pokey ass! The first mile and a half felt draggy and heavy and I told myself I’d just go 3 miles but after a quick stop to stretch and catch my breath I was on fire!

Hit the gym in the afternoon with some friends. 15 min ARC Trainer (I figured I’d gotten enough cardio in for the day) 45min full body strength. Felt stronger in my lunges, stronger in my rows, strong all around. It’s amazing how rest days prepare you for hulk days.  Core work was tough but this is something I need to re-focus on anyway…

Overall, I’m happy with my level of fitness right now. I do want to continue to increase my running endurance- build up some distance this summer. But I also really enjoy strength training and have no desire to focus only on one area of fitness. Who says you can’t run and strength train and bike and cartwheel and walk and swim and handstand whenever you want! Fitness to me is not about a sport or a focus as much as feeling good and staying active. I love physical activity and plan to do whatever I want for as long as I can!

Happy Movin and Shakin!