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A 2nd run with some pain

The last few days of workouts:

Monday: 2nd personal training session with Allie. I like her as a trainer and I think I will sign up for some more sessions. I want her to really start pushing me though because I’m starting to have a hard time pushing myself. I don’t increase weight or time in my workouts when I know I could and I don’t want to plateau. I need a kick in the pants!

After my training session I did 10minutes on the stair climber and my SECOND BACK IN ACTION RUN!!This was 25 minutes total of 3 minutes running 1 minute walking. I’m pretty sad because it really hurt. And not in the good way like being sore. I was so conflicted because it felt so good to be running again but I can tell my body isn’t ready. My shin still hurts right on the bone and that shouldn’t be happening. I’m going back to my chiropractor today so maybe she can shed some light on what to do next…

Tuesday: 60 minutes on the elliptical. Did some shoulder work and called it a day.

Wednesday: 45 minutes on the elliptical and a pretty good full body strength workout. I think I can still remember this one!

  • 3×12 bicep curls – 12# each
  • 3×12 front shoulder raises – 10# each
  • 3×12 side shoulder raises – 10# each
  • 3×10 dumbbell bent over row – 22.5# each
  • 3×12 squats – 22.5#
  • 3×12 resistance band upright rows
  • 3x1minute side walking with resistance band (idk what this is called but my trainer showed me it and it really works my butt!)

The good news is that I’ve been feeling GREAT again after working out. I haven’t had that dizzy/ nauseous /no energy feeling in over a week. Honestly…I don’t know what to think about it either. I’m not really doing anything differently fueling-wise or workout-wise. One thing I am doing that could be making all the difference is listening to my body more. Instead of saying beforehand “I am going to stay on this elliptical for one hour” I only stay on for as long as feels good. The hard part about this is figuring out the difference between listening to my body and slacking off. I still want to push myself, just not to the point of overexertion. It’s a tough balance but I think I’m finding it.

Today is Thursday and I’m leaving work at 2:00 because Paul and I are headed to Chicago for a wedding!! We’ll be gone three days. I know it will be hard to get any sort of workout in (Some people think it’s weird when you’re on a trip or a vacation and you still want to ditch them and go find a gym) so today I’m making it my goal to get in as much of a “workout” as I can here at work! This means I step in to the copy room and do squats/ lunges/ chair tricep dips/ calf raises/ etc. I do this on a regular basis and I’m starting to think it’s kind of abnormal but it’s my way to making sure I don’t sit all day long and not move! I need to move!


i miss walking…

I have a case of the Mondays. Well not really…it’s just a mild hangover. My friend Jill’s birthday was yesterday and we went out for a few drinks last night. At 8:30 PM. My bedtime is a strict 10:00 and the fact that we stayed out until 11:30 PM is screwing with my body clock. Erg. Let’s recap some workouts!

Thursday: a pretty sad spin class…The instructor was a sub and she had never taught spin before. She didn’t say much…probably because only me and one other person showed up…and it was just a little boring. Oh well. I finished up with some shoulder and back strength work. This was another day of feeling drained and sickly upon getting home. I quickly ate some salty soup and bread but just had no energy all night! Ugh I need to do some research on fueling properly…

Friday: 45 min total bodyworks class. This one was really fun and challanging at the same time. My quads are still screaming 3 days later!! I even sort of made a friend in class! (I did forget her name…does that mean we’re not friends anymore?) Finished up with 35min elliptical. This night was a total opposite of Thursday night – I felt so great post workout!! Like, the best I’ve felt in a long time!! I had so much energy it was ridiculous. I think Paul wanted to muzzle me; I was seriously talking crazy…

Saturday: MY FIRST BACK-IN-ACTION RUN!! Finally! I was deemed “ready” by my chiropractor and was allowed to do – wait for it – 20minutes of 1min walk 3min run repeating. It was pretty sad and slow and painful and I probably looked like a freak shuffling through park with a huge smile on my face…but it was great…I’m so excited to start running again no matter how small the start. I walked for about 30 more minutes and then went to the gym for 12min ARC Trainer and some core and arm strength work.

Sunday: Got up at 7:00. Had 1.5 hours to kill before heading off to my cousin’s baby shower. Debated going to the gym but it was beautiful outside so I went for a 3 mile walk. It was nice but I got a blister on my heel. Awesome.

I recently realized that since I bought my car a few months ago I never walk at all anymore! I used to walk EVERYWHERE. It wasn’t uncommon for me to walk anywhere from 2 to 8 miles in a day. Many times carrying groceries or books. I am completely missing out on that type of movement in my life now and I miss it in a weird way. Yes, having a car is convienient and I get things done much more quickly, but walking around town was therapeutic for me and allowed me to stay active throughout the day. It served as my “me time.” Now I basically only get my movement in at the gym. Which is fine but I do want to find a way to squeeze in little spurts of activity thoughout the day as well to sort of make up for this decline in my activiy level. Must brainstorm!!

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some new workouts and rest days

I’ve had a pretty relaxed week so far, in terms of working out. It’s been nice, but honestly…I am just getting BORED and would rather not work out at all if I can’t run. I know it’s silly…there are so many other things I can do, but all I want to do is RUN!! My shin is starting to feel better though, FINALLY. I really really need to make sure I take it slow once I can start running again, though. All of my injuries have been from overuse- too much, too fast. I think I will need to put myself on a strict running plan once I can get back into it. Slowwwwwww.

Anyway…this week’s workouts:

Friday: 50min elliptical broken up into three segments, 10min stationary bike. Some intermittent upper body strength. I didn’t feel so hot after this workout, I was supposed to get drinks with a friend but ended up laying on the couch all night. I just had no energy afterward! I think that sometimes I don’t fuel well enough during or immediately after working out and it ends up hurting me and making me feel sickly 😦 I shall improve!!

Saturday: Total Bodyworks class at 7:45 AM. This was tons o fun! Not super challanging but I liked the group setting and the fact that I worked different muscles and learned some new moves. The class gave me tons of energy for a very productive morning! I have to remember that I don’t need to push myself to the limit every time I work out; a little bit of movement can go a long way too. Later in the afternoon I hit the gym again for 35 minutes on the elliptical and a full body strength circuit routine which left my glutes sore for like 3 days afterward. Love it

Sunday: Rest day- went to a brewer game with my family. I was planning on hitting the gym after the game but it got late and then Paul got home and I wanted to sit around and hear all about his trip.

Monday: 20minutes on the stair climber, 10minutes on a stationary bike, shoulder strength work. Man those stairclimbers are killer. I think my heartrate was up to like 700.

Tuesday: I had my first personal training session at the new gym (Membership comes with two free sessions). My trainer was really awesome and I basically chatted her ear off the whole time, but she showed me some great stuff and I had fun. Finished up with about 35 minutes on the elliptical (I am so sick of that machine).

Wednesday: Rest day…unplanned. I left my phone at home and felt so naked all day that I had to go home right after work and get it. And as luck would have it…Paul was just getting back from a run! I guess he had texted me asking if I wanted to work out with him after work and since he didn’t hear from me he just went out by himself. I was so frustrated because OF COURSE I would have said yes if I’d have had my phone! I need him to teach me how to swim and do MMA!! grr. next time.

Today is Thursday and I am planning on hitting up spin class after work. Just gotta get through the next 7 hours first! coffee coffee coffee

So in other news these granola bars are definitely my new addiction:

They’re like the nature valley ones but not as crumbly. I accidentally put a box of 6 at my desk and they were all gone in 2 days.

Yeah…good stuff. also lets just take a moment to marvel at how cute Toby was lookin the other day. Awww. Who am I kidding…he’s this cute every day!!

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Today is going …

Today is going SO SLOW!! seriously, its like all we do is look forward to Friday and then it’s the draggiest workday EVER. ahfkjhsdfahl

I have been on hold for 18 minutes. Ugh can I go home yet?!

I am flying solo this weekend because Paul is going to his best friends bachelor party. Whats on the agenda you ask? Two-a-day workouts because the man-friend won’t be here to distract me or convince me to go out to dinner or spend time with him. I will also be cleaning my bathroom, talking to my mom on the phone, and buying new pants. Let’s get this party STARTED!!

Tuesday was a dentist appointment and impromptu date-induced rest day which was awesome. We went to Centro, an Italian restaurant by our house for dinner. They have tons o vegan options and it was just as good as the first time we went. Then we bought a record and a movie and indulged in both. Ahh, good night 🙂

Leftovers from date night always make the BEST next-day lunch

Wednesday I woke up feeling SO awake and chipper! I blame it on the rest day… Anyway, I went to the WAC after work and got done 54 minutes on the elliptical followed by 10 minutes on a stationary bike and some shoulder strength work. This felt really good and I even showered before scarfing down dinner in 12 second afterwards! Go me!

Thursday was another rest day (unplanned) because I wanted to spend as much time with the man-friend as possible before he left for the weekend. I did manage to complete 204 squats throughout the day at work though! I can never sit still at work and am up walking around all the time anyway so everytime I did get up, I snuck off somewhere to do squats! I’m so weird, if someone would have walked into our filing room they’d have been like what…the…f***… So yeah, then I went right home after work (which totally surprised Paul because I’m never home until 7:30 or 8), treated us to vegan philly cheese steaks, and annoyed the boy and the cats all evening!! It was amazing all the way up until I fell asleep (at 9:20 on the couch).

Tonight I look forward to a nice long workout because I have no one to go home to but the cats 🙂 Who would probably like to be fed eventually…

On a side note, how often does your lunch look identical to mine below? Sigh…We are in need of some excitement around here…

Another side note… an update on my bum shin…my chiropractor has given me some stretches to start doin, next week I get to start some jumping exercises, and in two weeks I should be RUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, run/walking…slowly…and only if it doesn’t hurt. But it’s something!! I am very excited.

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a recap before i forget!

Que Pasa! It is Tuesday and I am feeling GREAT. (Most likely thanks to the invention of 20oz iced coffees) Yummmm 🙂

I’m going to try and recap my last few days of workouts. I’m getting really bad at remembering…

Thursday: Stopped at Planet Fitness after my chiropractor appointment for a short but sweaty 20 minutes on the ARC Trainer. It was already like 8:30 PM and since my bedtime is around 10:00 I just wanted to go home. No worries though

Friday: 35 minutes elliptical at the new gym and 20 minutes stationary bike hill intervals. Wow those intervals were seriously killer. Had no energy left for strength training after that…or more likely I was thinking about the vegan cheese steak sandwich that I couldn’t wait another minute to procure.

Saturday: 30 minutes on the stationary bike followed by some much needed core work. I used to love core workouts and now I seriously dread them! I’m not sure why but it is definitely a struggle…

Sunday: oooh I had issues this day…I took some allergy meds right before going to the gym in the morning not even THINKING that I should probably eat something with them. By the time I got there I was trying not to ralph on anything. I went across the street to grab a granola bar to eat while lying on the locker room floor groaning. Finally I felt okay and actually had a great workout! 55minutes on the elliptical and some much needed arm strength. I’ve been slacking on upper body strength training because I want to do everything I can to keep my running strength up while I’m not running. Does that make sense? ie: lots of cardio, lower body strength training, and core work. Anywho, it felt great to pump some iron again!

This granola bar saved my life…i mean my tummy

Monday: 1hr on the elliptical before my chiropractor appointment. Literally right before…I walked in already apologizing to my ever so sweet sports chiropractor for her having to do ART treatment on my every so sweaty leg. But she’s an athlete and totally understands (i hope)

So I think that today will be my rest day…even though right now I have heaps of energy and might have to get it out in the form of exercise-ation…that’s not a word…

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chirpractor and new shoes

August 10, 2012 1 comment

HAPPY FRIDAY!! Do you know where your tiny shorts are?

that doesn’t make sense but it does make you feel a little creepy and excited, right?

This is my “hurry up and get this day over with” face

I made it to my 7:20AM chiropractor appointment this morning even though my cat was being a super snuggler this morning and didn’t want me to get out of bed. I got some awful ART treatment done and more kinesio tape. The fact that I have been shaving my leg AROUND kinesio tape for like a month now is starting to make my leg look very odd. TMI? meh. Anyway, I also have been getting ultrasound done on my shin which is cold and weird but I’ll try anything to get back to 100%. I get so frustrated because I seriously feel NO change in pain. Every day it just hurts the same; I could use a little progress!

this is what my leg looks like by the way. ridiculous, i know…

Last night was my second night at the new gym and I spent 35min on Precor elliptical which confused me and I couldn’t really get the hang of it. I like my Life Fitness elliptical much better but I wanted to try something different. I did sweat my butt off though, while watching women’s boxing. badass. Finished up with with 20 minutes worth of intervals on a bike and skipped the strength training because I was hungry and wanted to go home.

ALSO…drumroll…I got new running shoes last night!!! hooray!! I went back to Fleet Feet and they watched me walk and run and hooked me up with some inserts and Brooks shoes. (well they didn’t really hook me up since my total was over $160). Anyway I am beyond excited. I’m supposed to “break them in slowly” which means wearing them all day and all night forever right?

New shoes New shoes!!

I think some hot tub time is on my gym agenda for tonight…oh yes…it’s time. I forgot my swimsuit the last 2 days so I couldn’t hop in the pool and/or hot tub after my workout but I think it is a good motivation to get sweaty!! Jump in the pool afterward! That way I can drive home covered not only in sweat but chlorine as well!

Enjoy your weekend! I’ve got a busy one lined up with working at my sister’s restaurant, attending my boss’s birthday party, Paul’s parents in town from Chicago, spin class, and cleaning cat pee out of my closet!~

my grand return


Apparently I got confused about my priorities and quit blogging for three months. Which sucks because it really did serve as a great way to keep track of my workouts! Well anyway, I am still alive and much has changed! Instead of trying to recap everything from the last few months (which will inevitably make my head explode) I will just list the important things! Mostly because I love making lists. Ok here goes:

1. My cat Toby has decided to start peeing in my shoes on a regular basis. Serious wtf.

2. Maybe more important than #1 – I got a new job! Thanks to my mom for recommending me for the position! It’s AMAZING. I am no longer slingin’ fast food sammies for a sexist, crazy boss. I am now the client service administrator at a financial planning firm with GREAT bosses, GREAT hours, a salary and benefits. Life rules. I’ve been here for 4 weeks and 4 days and I love it.

3. Because of the job, I bought a car! I have never owned a car before and have been taking the bus everywhere since I graduated high school in 2006. I got a 2001 Civic and I am really excited about how quickly I get places in a car! Who knew!?! This has also resulted in me being completely broke but whateva, I’ll recover.

4. I am severely depressed. Well not totally, but here’s what happened…I was training for the Brewers half marathon and somehow developed the WORST shin splints in my right leg about a month ago. Therefore I haven’t been able to run in over 4 weeks. I’ve never had problems with my lower legs before so this type of pain came as a total shock to me. I have been going to a sports chiropractor for active release therapy, but this healing process has been sloooooooooowwwwwwww. I am slowly improving and can’t WAIT to run again. All cross training bores me to death, I swear…

5. I think I’m going to join a new gym! This may not be as exciting to other people as it is to me, but seriously I couldn’t sleep at all the night before I went for the first time because I was so excited. I am on day two of my free week trial so I will be sure to post a full review and my decision on whether or not to join. So far the pros include A POOL (which is key for my injury prone body), a hot tub, a full BAR (because who doesn’t recover from a good workout with a good beer?!), and a women-only workout room that always plays Bravo on the TV. Dopeness.

let’s see…other news…

-Summerfest was awesome.

-I’m still vegan.

-I’ve done nothing but watch the Olympics for the last 7 days and am now determined to develop the shoulders of a female swimmer.

-My neighbor upstairs has decided he is a DJ and has made it his goal in life to destroy my ears with his awful beats.

-My mom’s birthday is in a week.

-I’m going to buy new running shoes tonight! eeeeee! (Mostly because I forgot my gym shoes at home today and since I need to go to the gym tonight to get the most of this free trial, I must go buy some shoes)

More later since I’m at work and should do something productive!!