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gettin stronger!

September 21, 2012 Leave a comment

Yesterday’s workout was a good one. I’ve decided to cut down on cardio a little lately…even though I do love it. I think that anything more than 30 minutes of cardio is too much for me right now. I usually go at pretty high intensity so I think that this is fine. My reasoning?

  • Spending 30 minutes on the elliptical instead of an hour gets me home faster.
  • I have more energy after I’m done and can knock out a solid strength routine.
  • I have a stress fracture in my shin so being on my feet or using those muscles may extend my time being injured.
  • Spending more time strength training will help me when I can get back to running.
  • I tend to get woozy and sick-feeling after working out sometimes which makes me think I push too hard at times.

So yesterday I forced myself off of the stair climber after a mere 20 minutes and spent the rest of my time on a pretty good strength routine that went like this:

  • 3×12 wide grip lat pull downs #50 i think?
  • 3×12 underhand cable pulldowns – again #50 i think
  • 3×12 dumbbell bench press #22.5 each
  • 3×12 resistance band upright rows
  • 3×12 flat bench flies #12.5 each
  • 3×12 standing dumbbell tricep extension #25
  • 3×10 one arm dumbell row #22.5 each
  • 3×15 shoulder shrugs #25 each
  • 3×12 lunges #12.5 each

I felt good during the strength routine; not burnt out from too much cardio. I also felt endorphins afterword like i haven’t felt in a while! I was on cloud 9 with so much energy!! And my chest and back sure are feeling it today; got that good sore!! Anyway, I just wanted to document this workout before I forgot it! toodles!


mucho rest and some news

September 20, 2012 Leave a comment

Wow long break from workout tracking. here’s what I can remember!

Thrusday: 5 sets of 12 tricep chair dips and 11 sets of 12 squats at work. elliptical after work blah blah always

Friday: argg i can’t remember but i think it went something like 40minutes elliptical with some shoulder strength

Saturday & Sunday: friends in town = 2 rest/ hangover days

Monday: 5min elliptical, 45min spin class (so FUN), 10 min stretch class, upper body strength that went like this:

  • 3×12 bicep curls: #12.5 each
  • 3×12 overhead tricep extensions #25
  • 3×12 front arm raises #10 each
  • 3×12 resistance band upright rows

Tuesday: 12 sets of 12 squats at work out of boredom, 40min elliptical. short upper body strength routine that went like this:

  • 3×12 hammer curls #12.5 each
  • 3×12 lateral arm raises #10 each
  • 3×12 flat bench flies #10 each
  • 3×12 bent over rows #12.5 each

Wednesday: Rest.

Wow…there is more rest in there than I thought…I am just really getting sick of working out after a full day of work! All I want to do after work is go home and snuggle with my man and my cats. We never get to eat dinner together because I get home so late and that sucks…I really want to start working out in the mornings but that could be verrrrry difficult for me especially with it getting colder out…ugh

In x-ray result news: I have a mild stress fracture in my shin and am yet again banned from running for a few more weeks. double ugh…

oops brownie

September 13, 2012 Leave a comment

Quick Update!

I just “accidentally” ate a whole huge brownie at work. Ugh I’m so sleepy now and my tummy feels weird and I have heartburn. I haven’t eaten eggs in so long that I felt like that was all I could taste. Is that super weird?? I don’t even know why I ate it. It didn’t taste that great. People are just always bringing in brownies and cookies and cakes and candy at work and I couldn’t take it anymore! I had to have one! Oh well…just move on right?

Workout recaps:

When I was sick last week I couldn’t WAIT until I could work out again and now I’ve been a little slacky! Why does that happen!?!?

Friday: First day back at the gym and I took it easy with 50 minutes walking on the treadmill while watching Snookie and Jwoww. no shame

Saturday: 40 minutes elliptical and a strength routine with the cable machine. Left my shoulders achin’! (in a good way)

Sunday: 35 minutes elliptical and some leg strength work

Monday: 35 minutes elliptical and 10 pushups before my chiropractor appointment.

Tuesday: Rested and drank margaritas

I am going in for a X-Ray on my shin tomorrow. It still hurts pretty bad after 2 months of pretty much no running and my chiropractor wants to rule out a stress fracture. I can’t believe I’m still dealing with this. It’s so frustrating…and it’s hard when friends and family don’t really understand. My mom wrote me a card saying “One step at a time and you’ll either meet this goal or move on to a different activity.” My boyfriend said something to the same effect – like maybe I should do something other than running. It bothers me that people say things like “why don’t you just do something else?” When you love an activity you don’t just quit when you have setbacks and decide to love something else. It’s not that easy. You work through it and learn from your trials so that you can come out stronger and continue to do something you’re passionate about. At least that’s how I see it…

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sick alert

September 5, 2012 Leave a comment

Ughhh my boyfriend gave me the flu…

Actually I’m not sure about that yet but he was reaaaaalllllllyyyy sick last week (like stay home from work all week with fever and body aches sick) and 2 days ago I started to get a sore throat which is how it started with him. EEPS! This could be from overdoing it on our long weekend too, I’m not sure.

My illness-fighting tools so far:

  • lots of echinacea and echinacea tea
  • vitamin c
  • SO MUCH water
  • I’m doing an intestinal cleanse with Bentanite in the morning and evening
  • REST – this is the hardest. I haven’t been to the gym in a week. I keep thinking “I feel OK, I could do some light cardio, it might even make me feel better!” but I know that the main reason I am probably getting sick is that my body needs rest. I am not good at resting. I am always on the go and I love being active. But I know that making my body work when it needs to rest could just make me feel worse or prolong my sickyness. So now I am┬ámaking an effort to do nothing but lay around and sleep before and after work. Who knew that could be so difficult…
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