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day 1. killed it

Hola! I’m popping in for a quick update! So I’m about 24 hours into this challenge and I’m feeling good about it so far! (even though it’s only been a day, big whoop right?) Yesterday my meals went like so:

  • breakfast: oatmeal made with 1 C almond milk and 2 tbsp chia seeds
  • lunch: Amy’s vegetable barley soup with a side of carrots and cucumber slices
  • snack: a banana
  • dinner: leftover lentil sloppy joe on sprouted ezekial bread with kale salad (cucs and chia seeds)

That was a great food day for me! I thought about dessert in the form of cereal or a piece of fruit with sunflower seed butter but I waited about an hour and the craving totally went away! I felt super strong and awesome! I think that the only reason I always eat a little something for dessert is because it’s become habit. And bonus, when I woke up today and thought about the food choices I made yesterday, I felt so friggin proud of myself! Like obnoxiously proud. Bam, day 1: totally rocked it’s bitch-ass

So far today has been good too! Still feeling fairly motivated, chuggin along at work…This morning I got in 30min on the stairmill. Level 11 intervals. Whoo I thought my heart was gonna explode. I tried for a little run/walk afterwards but it turned into 20min incline walking on the treadmill. I was beat! I’ve been a little hungrier today but no insanely intolerable cravings yet…

Well that’s about all, i’m gonna try to update this blog more often to document my progress and how i feel so if some of these update posts get redunadant I do apologize.

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