Day 3 kickin ass

Day three done! And not too shabby! After my sesh with Ali yesterday i had some really crazy foods for breakfast and lunch! Just kidding i ate the same boring shit I eat every day…

  • breakfast: oatmeal w/ almond milk and chia seeds
  • lunch: Amy’s vegetable barley soup and kale salad with more leftover lentils
  • snack: apple
  • dinner: i didn’t feel like cooking and since Paul wants me to fail at life and health, he suggested we go out to eat to one of our fav restaurants ever. crud…im helpless. we go to Comet. but i did good and SKIPPED THE FRIES! this is huge because i love their fries. omg omg omg i’m so amazing. I had the vegan leghorn sandwich (vegan bacon, vegan cream cheese, jam, lettuce, onion, tomato, pickle, cucumber on wheat bread) with the lame old side salad w/ balsamic. paul even asked if they had vegan pumpkin anything for dessert since it was halloween. thank bejezus the waitress said no or else i would have cried myelf to sleep from the guilt of a sugar overdose. i also skipped the beer even though i reaaaaaally wanted a pumpkin beer.

Obviously i’ve now mastered the art of going out to eat and not get booze and fried food. i can die happy and am the most successful person ever. i will celebrate buy high-fiving myself all day today.

On to this morning…it was a weird one. When I got to the gym I realized that I FORGOT MY SHORTS. disaster. All i had were the THERMAL ski leggings that i was wearing because it was so cold out. somehow I made it through 30 minutes of hill intervals on the elliptical in those babies before i thought i was gonna drown in sweat. I finished with a strength routine…

circuit 1

  • 3×15 back extensions on exercise ball
  • 3×12 overhead triceps extensions #25
  • 3×15 shoulder shrugs #25 each
  • 3×12 each side split lunges #20 each (actually it wasn’t until my 3rd set that i realized i was holding one #20 weight and one #17.5 weight. wtf)
  • 3×12 dumbbell bench press #22.5 each

circuit 2

  • 3×15 shoulder shrugs
  • 3×12 each one arm plank dumbbell rows #15
  • 3×25 crunches- legs straight up holding #10 med ball up

and before i left i decided to rummage through my gym bag without watching what i was doing resulting a HUGE fucking cut on my finger from my razor. blood all over the sink at the gym; the poor girl doing her hair next to me looked like she was gonna barf. i don’t blame her, i thought I was gonna barf too. now i have so many bandaids on my finger it’s hard to type. great start to what is sure to be a great day!

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