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every day can’t be the best day

i think  that’s an Atmosphere lyric…could be wrong though…so yea yesterday wasn’t too awesome in regards to my challenge to eat healthy portions

  • breakfast: oatmeal w almond milk and chia seeds
  • lunch: Amy’s split pea soup with carrots and kale on the side.
  • snack: 1 apple
  • snack 2: 1 rice cake with sunflower seed butter
  • 3 spotted cows
  • dinner: a baked potato the size of my head with earth balance, vegan cheese and sausage, mushrooms, and kale
  • dessert: small bowl of kamut puffs with almond milk and sunflower seed butter

so yeah not great. Paul decided to go out with some friends last night and i didn’t feel like going so i stayed home alone. which is a huge eating trigger for me…as soon as he left i was all like CEREAL! OMG MUST HAVE IT YUMMM. even though i seriously wasn’t even hungry!! not in the least! nothing i ate was extremely fatty or anything but i was just disappointed in myself for falling into old habits like that. oh well today is a new day. and Saturday at that! i have zero plans other than scaling a mountain of laundry. livin on the edge! i may also take out the garbage. ooOOoooo.

I will make it to the gym at some point i’m sure. If i work out on the weekends i usually go in the afternoons so we shall see what becomes of this day.


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