About Me

My name is Jenna. I am a 24 year old recent college graduate living in Milwaukee, WI. I started running about 5 years ago and slowly and surely it has helped me become a stronger, happier, and more dedicated and driven person. As well as a non smoker! I grew to love running and fitness because of the physical and mental strength it gave me as well as the ENERGY! Running and exercise have become central, essential parts of my daily life, and I hope to keep improving and trying new activities/ sports! I also spend my time working, eating snacks, reading, drinking tea, watching Downton Abbey, and snuggling with my boyfriend and our cats. Forgive me if I go on cat-related rants…it happens.

My blog is where I keep track of my fitness and food related activities! Here you will find my daily workouts and meals, and related  struggles and triumphs. I am a vegetarian making an effort to go completely vegan since May, 2012, so all of my eats will be free of animals and their products! I find that by eating vegan, I tend to eat healthier all around which is the main reason I am leaning into this way of eating. Additionally, I don’t support the mistreatment and slaughter of other species or the severely negative impact that factory farms have of the environment.

So that’s me! I’m sure I will think of more to tell you in my posts!

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