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Today is going …

Today is going SO SLOW!! seriously, its like all we do is look forward to Friday and then it’s the draggiest workday EVER. ahfkjhsdfahl

I have been on hold for 18 minutes. Ugh can I go home yet?!

I am flying solo this weekend because Paul is going to his best friends bachelor party. Whats on the agenda you ask? Two-a-day workouts because the man-friend won’t be here to distract me or convince me to go out to dinner or spend time with him. I will also be cleaning my bathroom, talking to my mom on the phone, and buying new pants. Let’s get this party STARTED!!

Tuesday was a dentist appointment and impromptu date-induced rest day which was awesome. We went to Centro, an Italian restaurant by our house for dinner. They have tons o vegan options and it was just as good as the first time we went. Then we bought a record and a movie and indulged in both. Ahh, good night šŸ™‚

Leftovers from date night always make the BEST next-day lunch

Wednesday I woke up feeling SO awake and chipper! I blame it onĀ the rest day…Ā Anyway, I went to the WAC after work and got doneĀ 54 minutes on the elliptical followed by 10 minutes on a stationary bike and some shoulder strength work. This felt really good and I even showered before scarfing down dinner in 12 second afterwards! Go me!

Thursday was another rest day (unplanned) because I wanted to spend as much time with the man-friend as possible before he left for the weekend. I did manage to complete 204 squats throughout the day at work though! I can never sit still at work and am up walking around all the time anyway so everytime I did get up, I snuck off somewhere to do squats! I’m so weird, if someone would have walked into our filing room they’d have been like what…the…f***…Ā So yeah,Ā thenĀ I went right home after work (which totally surprisedĀ Paul because I’m never home until 7:30 or 8), treatedĀ us to vegan philly cheese steaks, and annoyedĀ the boy and the catsĀ all evening!! It was amazing all the way up until I fell asleep (at 9:20 on the couch).

Tonight I look forward to a nice long workout because I have no one to go home to but the cats šŸ™‚ Who would probably like to be fed eventually…

On a side note, how often does your lunch look identical to mine below? Sigh…We are in need of some excitement aroundĀ here…

Another side note… an update on my bum shin…my chiropractor has given me some stretches to start doin, next week I get to start some jumping exercises, and in two weeks I should be RUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, run/walking…slowly…and only if it doesn’t hurt. But it’s something!! I am very excited.

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chirpractor and new shoes

August 10, 2012 1 comment

HAPPY FRIDAY!! Do you know where your tiny shorts are?

that doesn’t make sense but it does make you feel a little creepy and excited, right?

This is my “hurry up and get this day over with” face

I made it to my 7:20AM chiropractor appointment this morning even though my cat was being a super snuggler this morning and didn’t want me to get out of bed. I got some awful ART treatment done andĀ more kinesio tape. The fact that I have been shaving my leg AROUNDĀ kinesio tape for like a month now is starting to make my leg look very odd. TMI? meh. Anyway, I also have been getting ultrasound done on my shin which is cold and weird but I’ll try anything to get back to 100%. I get so frustrated because I seriously feel NO change in pain. Every day it just hurts the same; I could use a little progress!

this is what my leg looks like by the way. ridiculous, i know…

Last night was my second night at the new gym and I spent 35min on Precor elliptical which confused me and I couldn’t really get the hang of it. I like my Life FitnessĀ elliptical much better but I wanted to try something different. I did sweat my butt off though, while watching women’s boxing. badass. Finished up with with 20 minutes worth of intervals on a bike and skipped the strength training because I was hungry and wanted to go home.

ALSO…drumroll…I got new running shoes last night!!! hooray!! I went back to Fleet Feet and they watched me walk and run and hooked me up with some inserts and Brooks shoes. (well they didn’t really hook me up since my total was over $160). Anyway I am beyond excited. I’m supposed to “break them in slowly” which means wearing them all day and all night forever right?

New shoes New shoes!!

I think some hot tub time is on my gym agenda for tonight…oh yes…it’s time. I forgot my swimsuit the last 2 days so I couldn’t hop in the pool and/or hot tub after my workout but I think it is a good motivation to get sweaty!! Jump in the pool afterward! That way I can drive home coveredĀ not only in sweat but chlorine as well!

Enjoy your weekend! I’ve got a busy one lined up with working at my sister’s restaurant, attending my boss’s birthday party, Paul’s parents in town from Chicago, spin class,Ā and cleaning cat pee out of my closet!~

my grand return


Apparently I got confused about my priorities and quit blogging for three months. Which sucks because it really did serve as a great way to keep track of my workouts! Well anyway, I am still alive and much has changed! Instead of trying to recap everything from the last few months (which will inevitably make my head explode) I will just list the important things! Mostly because I love making lists. Ok here goes:

1. My cat Toby has decided to start peeing in my shoes on a regular basis. Serious wtf.

2. Maybe more important than #1 – I got a new job! Thanks to my mom for recommending me for the position! It’s AMAZING. I am no longer slingin’ fast food sammies for a sexist, crazy boss. I am now the client service administrator at a financial planning firm with GREAT bosses, GREAT hours, a salary and benefits. Life rules. I’ve been here for 4 weeks and 4 days and I love it.

3. Because of the job, I bought a car! I have never owned a car before and have been taking the bus everywhere since I graduated high school in 2006. I got a 2001 Civic and I am really excited about how quickly I get places in a car! Who knew!?! This has also resulted in me being completely broke but whateva, Iā€™ll recover.

4. I am severely depressed. Well not totally, but here’s what happened…I was training for the Brewers half marathon and somehow developed the WORST shin splints in my right leg about a month ago. Therefore I haven’t been able to run in over 4 weeks. Iā€™ve never had problems with my lower legs before so this type of pain came as a total shock to me. I have been going to a sports chiropractor for active release therapy, but this healing process has been sloooooooooowwwwwwww. I am slowly improving and can’t WAIT to run again. All cross training bores me to death, I swear…

5. I think I’m going to join a new gym! This may not be as exciting to other people as it is to me, but seriously I couldn’t sleep at all the night before I went for the first time because I was so excited. I am on day two of my free week trial so I will be sure to post a full review and my decision on whether or not to join. So far the pros include A POOL (which is key for my injury prone body), a hot tub, a full BAR (because who doesnā€™t recover from a good workout with a good beer?!), and a women-only workout room that always plays Bravo on the TV. Dopeness.

let’s see…other news…

-Summerfest was awesome.

-I’m still vegan.

-I’ve done nothing but watch the Olympics for the last 7 days and am now determined to develop the shoulders of a female swimmer.

-My neighbor upstairs has decided he is a DJ and has made it his goal in life to destroy my ears with his awful beats.

-My mom’s birthday is in a week.

-Iā€™m going to buy new running shoes tonight! eeeeee! (Mostly because I forgot my gym shoes at home today and since I need to go to the gym tonight to get the most of this free trial, I must go buy some shoes)

More later since I’m at work and should do something productive!!

Birthday and The Odd Duck

Argh! My poor bloggy has been lacking attention lately! In my defense though, it was a busy weekend and week so far….but here we go!

First things first. I’M 24!!! My birthday was on Monday! Not too eventful…I went for a windy morning run by the river, worked a half day, went to the gym to kill some time before dinner, went out for Indian food with Paul, and then drank to excess. I am not a good drinker anymore, everything after my 2nd shot is just a blur. It’s not like we got crazy, just chatted at The Standard all night. But man was I hungover yesterday. Like ‘lay on the couch/eat/nap/watch 5 episodes of Battlestar Galactica’ hungover. Like ‘skipped my hair appointment that I was so looking forward to’ hungover. Then I struggled through the closing shift at work and afterward Paul INSISTED on going to the bar to catch the Blackhawks game. I was not happy. All I wanted to do was sleep…which I did do for 9 glorious hours last night. Finally!

In other news, Paul and I are still in the process of moving. This week we began the slow process of introducing our cats to each other. We are still keeping them separate, with one staying in one room and the other in another room, but I think in a few more days we’ll be able to let them really meet! Hooray!

My sister’s new restaurant, The Odd Duck, opened on Saturday and my whole family went to the Grand Opening which went SO WELL, I’m so proud of her and her boyfriend for all of the work they put into this project, I think they’re going to do so great. The food is amazing, they’ve been completely booked since they opened, and I’m going to be hosting there on weekends now! Fun, fun! Here’s the website–Odd Duck Restaurant

Lets see what I can remember workout-wise for the last week, shall we!? A test of my memory and recall skills this shall be.

Wednesday: 30min elliptical, some core work

Thursday: Rest, Kelly and Jake came for a visit with new baby Silas šŸ™‚

Friday: 4 and some change miles on the treadmill. 45 min.

Saturday: 35min elliptical, arm strength, and core

Sunday: Rest

Monday: 4.5mi run (Garmin died at some point, so I don’t know my pace/time), 30min elliptical

Tuesday: extreme hangover rest day

Hoping to get to the gym after work tonight, I am in the mood for a good sweat sesh. I’ve got 8 more hours on the clock though so we’ll see how I feel then! šŸ˜›