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chuggin along

Man oh man I’ve been chuggin’ right along! Calculating it out, I haven’t really taken a total “rest day” in a couple weeks! Granted I’ve had some easy days in there but my body hasn’t been screaming at me to chill out which is nice! I think I’m just starting to be able to tell when to take it easy and when to push it. This way I don’t reach that day of total exhaustion from burning myself out. Yayy for perceptability!

Saturday: 30 minute Turbofire video. It got me sweating but I wanted more. Unfortunately my plan to hit the gym afterward was foiled because my sister needed me to work at the restaurant. No worries though, at least I got sweating! And it’s interesting to note how insanely difficult that 30 minute video used to be for me…I’d be so sore the next day! Now it feels like a warm-up!

Sunday: I woke up early with tons of energy. I knew mimosa’s were on my schedule for the day while watching the Packer Game so I hit the gym early to get it out of the way. And MAN did I feel energized! I did 47 minutes of hill intervals on the elliptical at level 10 and I felt so good.

Monday: half hour session with Ali in the morning. I was hungover. Walking lunges had my legs screamin’!

Tuesday: 25 minutes of stairclimber…it’s getting easier! Strength routine after…let’s see if I can remember…

  • 4 x 8 bicep curls #15 each
  • 4 x 8 one leg dumbbell deadlifts #25
  • 4 x 12 resistance band upright rows
  • 4 x 12 each side bends #25

Wednesday: hour long AM session with Ali. Circuit workouts featuring planks, TRX, side lunges, rows, wall sits, and shoulder presses. yowser!

Thursday: I was tired this morning and debated taking a day off but I thought about my options…sleep for 1 more hour (big whoop) or get my ass up and get a workout in…I’m glad I chose the latter. 38 minutes of the same elliptical intervals that I did Sunday while watching Khloe & Lamar. Strength routine:

  • 3 x 12 each side split squats #15 each
  • 3 x 12 resistance band pull aparts
  • 3 x 12 bench flies #15 each
  • 3 x 12 front raises #10 each
  • 3 12 lateral raises #10 each
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sick alert

September 5, 2012 Leave a comment

Ughhh my boyfriend gave me the flu…

Actually I’m not sure about that yet but he was reaaaaalllllllyyyy sick last week (like stay home from work all week with fever and body aches sick) and 2 days ago I started to get a sore throat which is how it started with him. EEPS! This could be from overdoing it on our long weekend too, I’m not sure.

My illness-fighting tools so far:

  • lots of echinacea and echinacea tea
  • vitamin c
  • SO MUCH water
  • I’m doing an intestinal cleanse with Bentanite in the morning and evening
  • REST – this is the hardest. I haven’t been to the gym in a week. I keep thinking “I feel OK, I could do some light cardio, it might even make me feel better!” but I know that the main reason I am probably getting sick is that my body needs rest. I am not good at resting. I am always on the go and I love being active. But I know that making my body work when it needs to rest could just make me feel worse or prolong my sickyness. So now I am making an effort to do nothing but lay around and sleep before and after work. Who knew that could be so difficult…
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chirpractor and new shoes

August 10, 2012 1 comment

HAPPY FRIDAY!! Do you know where your tiny shorts are?

that doesn’t make sense but it does make you feel a little creepy and excited, right?

This is my “hurry up and get this day over with” face

I made it to my 7:20AM chiropractor appointment this morning even though my cat was being a super snuggler this morning and didn’t want me to get out of bed. I got some awful ART treatment done and more kinesio tape. The fact that I have been shaving my leg AROUND kinesio tape for like a month now is starting to make my leg look very odd. TMI? meh. Anyway, I also have been getting ultrasound done on my shin which is cold and weird but I’ll try anything to get back to 100%. I get so frustrated because I seriously feel NO change in pain. Every day it just hurts the same; I could use a little progress!

this is what my leg looks like by the way. ridiculous, i know…

Last night was my second night at the new gym and I spent 35min on Precor elliptical which confused me and I couldn’t really get the hang of it. I like my Life Fitness elliptical much better but I wanted to try something different. I did sweat my butt off though, while watching women’s boxing. badass. Finished up with with 20 minutes worth of intervals on a bike and skipped the strength training because I was hungry and wanted to go home.

ALSO…drumroll…I got new running shoes last night!!! hooray!! I went back to Fleet Feet and they watched me walk and run and hooked me up with some inserts and Brooks shoes. (well they didn’t really hook me up since my total was over $160). Anyway I am beyond excited. I’m supposed to “break them in slowly” which means wearing them all day and all night forever right?

New shoes New shoes!!

I think some hot tub time is on my gym agenda for tonight…oh yes…it’s time. I forgot my swimsuit the last 2 days so I couldn’t hop in the pool and/or hot tub after my workout but I think it is a good motivation to get sweaty!! Jump in the pool afterward! That way I can drive home covered not only in sweat but chlorine as well!

Enjoy your weekend! I’ve got a busy one lined up with working at my sister’s restaurant, attending my boss’s birthday party, Paul’s parents in town from Chicago, spin class, and cleaning cat pee out of my closet!~

rain rain go AWAY…so I can RUN

Hola! Time for some recappin’!

Wednesday: 45min elliptical

Thursday:  I can’t remember my gym workout for this day. hmm I know it was another 30 – 45min elliptical day plus some strength…

Friday: 20min youtube yoga video. 7mi run/walk. Heavy on the walking…I was feeling pretty blech and ate too much food pre-run so I kept getting stomach cramps. An hour and 20min total

Saturday: 40-ish? min elliptical, can’t remember exactly. Was planning on some strength training but me and Paul were planning on going out to dinner and if I stayed at the gym any longer it would have been like a 9:30 dinner. Too late for these starvin marvins!

Sunday: Resy Resty! Sunday is my “Monday” back to work day so I rarely feel like workin out…

Monday: 35min elliptical 25min arm strength with some intermittent core and leg machines

Today/Tuesday: Impromptu rest day…I woke up feeling energized but throughout the morning I just got T-I-R-E-D and ended up napping before work :/

So obviously my workouts have become prettttty repetitive…I keep doing the same hill interval program on the elliptical at the same level. I try to vary my strength training but I haven’t even been sore at all which makes me think I should switch up my upper body strength routines more. I also REALLY need to start doing core workouts again. I used to do the Turbofire core video almost every day because it was such a good at-home core routine. I must I must I must…

I also want to run more but it has been so cloudy/rainy/windy/cold for like a week now which A) depletes my energy like no other and B) makes it miserable to run outside. I am in a phase where I just cannot bring myself to run on a treadmill so running has been on the backburner. No help that it is supposed to rain ALL weekend too. Ugh.

I wonder if anyone else goes through the same running “phases” like I do. I will be loving treadmill running for a few months and then all of a sudden I literally can’t stand it. Then I’ll switch to indoor track running and I’ll love it for a few months til I hate it. Then street running. Then trail running. It’s weird but I guess doing anything for too long will get boring and un-motivating. 

I have been walking a lot lately though. Especially to and from the gym which is ~4mi each way. So that’s been a great addition to daily workouts! Except that it means I have about an hour after my workouts while I walk to think about what I want to eat. By the time I get home I literally stampede the kitchen and attack anything and everything edible…

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stupid pollen

Either I’m getting sick or my allergies are getting worse. I hope it’s just allergies due to ridiculous pollen this year but I felt so cruddy last night that I skipped my post-work work out. I left work with every intention of going to the gym because I figured it would make me feel better but as my stop approached I decided not to get off the bus until Whole Foods. Hah, I ditched my workout for a salad bar and a Larbar. Oh well I really felt like crap so I’m not worried about it. I needed to pick up some groceries anyway…

Definitely made up for it today, the rest must have done me good because I do feel a little better. I walked EVERYWHERE today! Walked to my internship this morning, walked to the gym, walked to work…I mapped all the walking I did and it was 6.23 miles! Pretty good!! And it’s not even very nice out today! I guess I jsut felt like saving my bus tickets…

Tuesday Workout:

  • 50min elliptical hill intervals. I was in the ZONE!
  • Arm Strength
    • 4×12 hammer curls #8ea
    • 4×12 overhead tricep extensions #8ea
    • 4×12 bentover rows #8ea
    • 3×12 chest flies – flat #8ea
  • 10min stationary bike

I felt really good at the gym today and I think it’s partly because I forced myself to grab a granola bar at Alterra right before my workout. I’ve started to notice a pattern – I tend to feel sluggish during workouts when I haven’t eaten beforehand. I always eat a HUGE breakfast and I tend to think that I will be fine for a midday workout. But even if I eat a big breakfast at 7:30AM, by 1:00PM I do need fuel to get me going during a workout. And today I felt great! I didn’t want to stop! So I think I’ll start trying to pack little things like granola bars and fruit in my bag that I can munch before working out…

Tuesday Eats:


  • Oats with almond milk, almond butter, chia seeds, a banana, and granola
  • The rest of the bag of granola…oops…I’m never buying this kind again, it’s too damn DELICIOUS. and vegan. and gluten free. and sugar free. I can’t remember the name of it right now…I’ll get back to ya.


  • My pre-workout granola bar
  • 1/2 a veggie wrap from the green kitchen (same one as the other day)
  • green monster juice – apple, cucs, lemon, wheatgrass
  • 1/2 bowl lentil soup
  • super energy bar from the coffee shop on my way to work- this bar looked really good but I should have looked at it closer. I like granola bars and fruit and nut type bars. This one was more like a dessert type bar. It had good stuff like raisins, peanut butter, sunflower, flax, and pumpkin seeds, and chocolate…but it was also made with whole wheat flour which gave it that dessertiness. 


  • Remaining 1/2 veggie wrap
  • Remaining 1/2 bowl lentil soup
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atheism and workouts

Happy Easter…If you celebrate it! I do not which just made for another awkward argument with the ‘rents about why I will not go to church with them even though “it would make us and Jesus so happy if you would…” I just don’t think it’s fair to try and guilt your kids into participating in religious ordeals when they don’t hold the same beliefs as you just because it makes you feel warm and fuzzy to have your whole family around as you praise the man in the sky. I am an out athiest and my parents know that so I’m not sure why they still think I belong by their side at church. I gave in and went with them on Christmas which left me fuming and actually strengthened my commitedness to atheism.


Friday’s workout:

3.20mi treadmill run…stopped for a few walk breaks = 35min. I was planning on lifting but ended up cutting my workout short because I ran into Carly and she offered to give me a ride home. I didn’t feel like walking back so I said f**k it and left with her

Saturday: REST DAY. Went to the Wheel and Sprocket bike expo with my dad. Didn’t buy anything at the expo but my mom said she’d give me her Trek for 50 bucks! SCORE, her bike is in good shape, I’m so glad I didn’t spend $500 at the expo! I did work up a sweat cleaning my great uncle’s apartment in the afternoon so at least I got my heart rate up a bit.

Sunday: 2-3mi run with my dad in the AM. I’m not really sure how far we went but we were gone about a half hour and their neighborhood is mega hilly. I had a smoothie and felt pretty energetic again so I hopped on the treadmill for 45 minutes of incline walking while watching some weird Amanda Bynes movie where she pretends to be a boy.


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some sweatin…some snackin…

I’ve got a whopping two days to catch up on! Well well, I did manage to make it to the gym today and yesterday, but I must say…my energy was a little bit on the low side both times. I’m not letting it get me down though! You can’t live every day jacked up on workout highs!

Anyway, like I said, I made it to Planet Fitness after work last night (I’m LOVIN’ this gym by the way, I’m so glad I joined). 30min on the elliptical actually felt pretty good! No hip pain at all!! Yesssss. I was planning to lift for a bit but the gym was really packed so I went into the 12 minute core area with all the ab machines. There were a lot of people in there too so after about 10min I called it quits, did some planks and walked home to eat pizza with my roomie.

Today I went back to the gym around 1:00 in the afternoon. Felt a little better today partly because I told myself I could stop at TJ Maxx and The Green Market if I got a good workout in.

  • 10min warmup on the stationary bike – hill intervals – yowzers my legs have been achin!
  • 10min core
  • 20min elliptical hill intervals
  • Arm Strength
    • 3×15 bicep curls #8 ea
    • 3×15 tricep kickbacks #8 ea
    • 3×15 bent over rows #8 ea
    • 3×15 front raises #8 ea

Today’s workout felt good but I did feel a bit sluggish. I think part of it may be the very limited tune selection on my Ipod right now. I NEED music to get my energy up and I’m just not diggin the songs I’ve got lately! Gotta get downloading!

Today’s eats were YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY


  • Running late = brownie cliff bar and coffee


  • Super dope amazing rad veggie wrap from The Green Market – Sunflower seed spread, avocado, lettuce,cherry tomatoes, onion, sprouts, beets, and carrots.
  • Green Dream juice from the same place – spinach, celery, ginger, and apple all up in there!
  • Homemade fruit and nut bar from the coffee shop


  • A scattered mess of food I bought from TJ Maxx. I forgot how amazing TJ Maxx is for food shopping! They had a lot of great stuff for real cheap! I bought chia seeds, granola, muesli, roasted edamame, pasta sauce, and tea. I also bought a pear, an apple, and an orange from the fruit stand in the mall.
  • Officially I had a bowl of muesli with almond milk and chia seeds for dinner
  • And I ate the pear on the side as well as 2 dates and some almond butter for dunking
  • Also included in dinner was much granola snacking and other random snacking around the house. snacks happen youknow…

Yesterday’s eats were not so exciting and I am tired, but for documentation purposes I will say that I bought the same mixed nuts for the 3rd day in a row and also ate the rest of my non-dairy ice cream for breakfast, yes…breakfast. I eat ice cream for breakfast and cereal for dinner. whaaa? I confuse even myself!

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