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quick updates, days 8 and 9

Day 8: Monday: I felt really good on Monday, inspired to eat healthy and i was full of energy! meals as follows:

  • breakfast: oatmeal, almond milk, chia seeds. duh
  • lunch Amy’s minestrone soup with kale and carrots on the side
  • dinner: 2 halves (1 whole) stuffed pepper (stuffed with brown rice, onion, mushroom, carrot, vegan sausage), and mashed cauliflower on the side. I don’t think my portions are what anyone would call “correct” but i figured it was mostly all veggies with no bad stuff in there so i went to town. overall a good food day 🙂

Also on Monday I sucked it up and FINALLY made soup! I have been eating those Amy’s soups for the last 500 weekdays in a rows and since i am not rich i figured i should just make some goddamn soup instead. I made lentil veggie soup and it’ll probably last my all week! hurrah!

Day 9: Tuesday. workout:

  • 30min run walk. 5min running followed by 1min walking repeating. this felt great. thank god. some pain in my groin on the right side afterward but i streched for .03 seconds after so i should be fine right?
  • followed this up with 25 minutes on the precor. i fucking hate this machine, i never feel comfortable on it but the regular ellipticals were taken. booo.

Tuesday eats as follows:

  • breakfast: oatmeal almond milk chia seeds
  • lunch: homemade lentil veggie soup and kale w/ carrots and zucchini
  • snack: 2 ricecakes with sunflower seed butter and pear slices
  • dinner: vegan rueben with tortilla chips from the co-op. BAD BAD BAD. holy shit i felt so sick after eating this. the co-op is awesome cuz they have so much vegan food but it’s like the fast food of vegan food. so greasy and full of sauce and processed fake meat n cheese.I thought i was gonna barf after eating this. (it doesn’t help that it’s the biggest sandwich hey serve, it’s literally like the size of my head and of course i ate the whole thing). so yea no bueno

Wednesday morning i skipped the gym in the morning and skipped breakfast. wow i still felt super shitty from that sandwich the night before. lesson learned (hopefully)


day 6 day 7. week one done!

November 5, 2012 1 comment

day 6 and day 7. My first weekend in this challenge to eat proper portions and skip the fried food. Well, there was some good and some bad. Let’s start with Saturday

  • breakfast: tofu scramble from the co-op. Tofu, 2 vegan sausage patties, 2 slices of toast ,and potatoes. A lot of food. Very full.
  • lunch/dinner (i eat at weird times on the weekends): Packaged noodles, rice and dumplings that Paul bought. It was really yummy, 660 calories.
  • post dinner snackeroo: sunflower seed butter, jam, pear, and chocolate chip sandwich on ezekial bread

Not the greatest but not terrible. I really really really need to start cooking for myself more. The more i keep track of what i eat, the more i realize how much i buy packaged or go out to eat…just a thought… On to Saturday’s workout:

  • 40 horrible minutes on the elliptical. hill intervals. I felt like i was gonna barf. I’ve felt this way before and i have FINALLY diagnosed the problem. I forgot my water bottle so i didn’t drink anything during this time. even though i slammed a gatorade afterwards, the damage was done. I was dehydrated. This is totally reminiscent of other times i’ve felt sickly and nauseous after a workout. it’s always when i don’t have water with me. BAM i am so smart. note to self- mas agua.

Sunday eats:

  • breakfast: earnest trail mix granola bar and a piece of toast with earth balance
  • lunch: 100 miller lights during the packer game and a crappy veggie burger at the bar with tomato, lettuce, pickle, onion, ketchup, and mustard
  • snack: chocolate almond fudge cliff bar. i was drunk and wanted it so bad. worth it. That shit was epic
  • dinner: balsamic tofu sandwich from beans and barley with chips n salsa

Sunday’s pre-packer workout was actually fantastic. which i got in bright and early in the morning due to daylight savings time. Seriously i woke up so early…

  • 10 minute warmup on the ARC Trainer

circuit 1

  • 3 x 12 each arm cable punches
  • 3 x 12 each side cable twists
  • 3 x 12 each arm cable shoulder press
  • 3 x 12 underhand cable pulldowns
  • 3 x 12 lat pulldowns

circuit 2

  • 3 x 12 each leg split lunges #40
  • 3 x 12 leg press
  • 3 x 12 each side hip push out machine
  • 3 x 12 hip pull in machine (wtf seriously i could look up the name of these)
  • 3 x 12 each side oblique twist machine

I felt good after this full body workout. I worked hard! And props to me for getting my butt to the gym 7 days in a row!!

I’m totally un-thrilled about my eats this weekend though. it doesn’t look horrible when i write it out but the portion sizes of everything i ate were way off. which is what i’m trying to watch!! I did skip the fries at the bar which is big of me. especially when i’m drinking! small success…i don’t eat at such scheduled times on the weekends like during the week so it’s more difficult for me to think about my food choices. we also have kind of a brunch tradition where we either make a pretty big brunch or go to the co-op. this is an area where i need to watch portions. this going out to eat thing is going to kill me as well. I secretly like going out because they always give you a shitload of food and i’m all like oh look, a meal! i shall eat it all! as opposed to making something at home which would not be nearly as big. Like can you even buy sandwich buns in the store that are that huge? I’ve never seen it.

well week 1 is done and in the past.there was good and bad but at least I am mindful of my goals. i hope to do even better in week 2! Starting with this morning’s workout:

  • 25 minutes on the stairmill
  • 3 x back n forth cross over lunges holding med ball
  • 3 x 12 seated rows
  • 3 x 10 deadlifts
  • 3 x 45 seconds of quick dumbbell shoulder presses #10 each
  • 3 x 20 reverse lunges twist holding med ball
  • 3 x 30 quick push back arms straight out with resistance band
  • 3 x 30 quick push back arms straight down with resistance band
  • 3 x 12 each leg scissors sit ups holding med ball straight up. i gotta remember these they were killer
  • 3 x 7 pushups holding the medball with handles, feet on the bosu